Marathon                                      42.195 km – 2,500 metres in altitude
Classic                                            26 km – 2,400 metres in altitude                   Stelvio Hike                                 26 km – 2,400 metres in altitude        Short Distance                         14 km – 1,180 metres in altitude

For the competitions MARATHON, CLASSIC and SHORT DISTANCE any kind of walking sticks MUST NOT be used. Participants who fail to comply with this rule will be disqualified immediately.

Only the participants of the STELVIO HIKE are allowed to make use of walkings sticks or the like.

For the competitions Marathon, Classic and Short Distance a medical certificate is MANDATORY. The necessary form can be found under the point registrations.

For the Stelvio Hike and all “Just for fun” competitions, NO medical certificate is necessary.

4th Edition on 13th June 2020