Marathon Course

Distance: 42.195 km
Elevation: 2,500 metres in altitude

There will be permanent signposts on the entire track from November 2016.








Use the interactive map in order to get familiar with the course:

Download: GPX_Stelvio

3D Video:

Prato allo Stelvio – Agumes – Montechiaro – Glorenza – cycling track “Etschradweg” – Prato´s Fishing Pond – Prato allo Stelvio –  farm “Patzleidhof” – path “Archaikweg” – Stelvio – farm “Platzhof” – game preserve “Fragges” – Alp of Prato – hut “Furkelhütte” – track “Goldseeweg” – Upper Alp of Tarces – mountain inn “Franzenshöhe” – Stelvio Pass

Route Description:
The Stelvio Marathon starts in Prato allo Stelvio, then leads the runners on a paved road through the small village of Agumes and then continues towards Montechiaro, another small village with a picturesque castle ruin. Thereafter, the course will have both paved and gravelled sections and will lead the runners past the medieval town of Glorenza. The course continues on the cycling track “Etschradweg” and leads the participants towards Prato´s Fishing Ponds. From there, the participants can enjoy the stunning view on the Stelvio mountain panorama.

Back at Prato, which is located right at the foot of the Stelvio Pass and the Stelvio National Park, the actual ascent starts after another 16 km. The route begins moderately steep and leads the runners by the two farms “Mitterhof” and “Patzleidhof” on the path “Archaik” towards a typical mountain village called Stelvio, which is famous for its steep and narrow alleys. These alleys guide the runners to the village exit and towards the farm “Platzhof”, not far from the small church of San Martino. From there, the participants can catch a glimpse of “King Ortles”, which is with 3,905 m the highest mountain in South Tyrol.

The route thereafter will be a mixture of narrow forest paths and wide gravel paths, which results in a constant change of pace. On this section of the course, some runners might have the opportunity to spot some wild animals. Afterwards, the runners will pass by the Alp of Prato and the hut “Furkelhütte” where the track starts to be more high alpine. From that moment on, “King Ortles” will guide the participants to the finish.

The runners will stay on a mountain path called “Goldseeweg” for some time until they descent 300 metres in altitude right above the Upper Alp of Tarces to the 25th turn of the legendary Stelvio Pass. From there, participants have an open view on the finish. At that point, only 24 turns separate the runners from the top of the Stelvio Pass and therefore the finish of the race.


3rd Edition on 15th June 2019