Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service for both participants and visitors

Timetable 2019

Journey there

Prato main-square 8.30* 9.00** 10.00**
Trafoi bus-stop 9.00
Stelvio Pass 10.30 11.30

*Shuttle for participants Short Distance                                                               **via Müstair and the Umbrail Pass


Return journey                                                                                                               There will be a constant shuttle service from 1 pm onwards from the Stelvio Pass via the Umbrail Pass and Switzerland to Prato. Buses have to be changed once in Müstair.

Bus stops: Müstair (change buses) – Tubre – Glorenza – Montechiaro – Agumes – Prato main-square – Middle School in Prato (500m away from the Pasta Party/award ceremony)

ATTENTION: There might be a large crowd at the return journey which may lead to short delays and waiting times.

Important information for visitors:                                                                         The dayticket for visitors costs 10 € and must be booked until the 14 June 2019 at 3 pm  the latest. It can be picked up at the bib number distribution on 14 or 16 June 2019. Bookings can be sent to the following email address –>


4th Edition on 13th June 2020