Time Limits

Marathon                               8 h 30 min. – latest arriving time 4.30 pm.
Classic/Stelvio Hike        8 h 40 min. – latest arriving time 4.40 pm.

In case a participant fails to finish the race within the allowed time frame, the organizer will exclude the participant from the race.

Assumed race times which should serve as orientation for both participants and visitors:
Bridge “Suldenbachbrücke”:      10.00 am – KM 16,5 (KM 0)
Stelvio:                                                      11.15 am – KM 21 (KM 5)
Alpine pastur Prato:                         1.00 pm – KM 28 (KM 12)
Mountain inn “Franzenshöhe”: 2.30 pm – KM 35 (KM 19)

The bib numbers of participants who reach the controllers after their closure but still would like to continue the race will be marked with a coloured felt pen.

4th Edition on 13th June 2020